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Free consultation / fur analysis

Here we discuss together what you would like to see and wish for your dog. You can always rely on our qualified opinions and advice. It also provides an approximation of treatment costs since many dogs are usually in different nursing conditions, although they are the same breed.


to bathe

We use high-quality care products for your pet, which are adapted to the respective coat types and the respective skin.


Combing - brushing - trimming

Rough-haired and drahthaarige dogs are trimmed.

This is a method that requires absolute skill. If the trimming is carried out qualitatively, it is often a very relaxing feeling for the dogs.

Many people think it would hurt the dog, but that is not the case as long as it is practiced with the necessary know-how.

The loose, dead hair is removed.

Regular trimming prevents both felted fur, itching and severe hair loss.  


Hand plucking

"Pawed" are only soft-haired dog breeds, like all Spaniels, all setters and also the Rauhaar dachshund (although it is "rough-haired", it corresponds to the tradition, however, Rauhaar dachshund with hand to pluck).

It also removes dead and loose hair from the skin and leaves the coat in a new shine.


To cut

Includes free working with scissors, ie hand cuts.  



Here we work with a shearing machine, for which there are different attachments, with which individual lengths can be sheared on the whole body.   Descending (Carden) With a so-called Coat King, you pull out the loose underwings sitting in the fur. Thus the removal of underwings due to the "special-blade harrow" becomes child's play.  



Includes, the sober, cautious release and work of felts in the coat of the dog.

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